Cross of Nails East European Conference

In 1996 a Cross of Nails was presented to the SHARE project by Coventry Cathedral in acknowledgement that our work in the areas of health, the family and with churches of many denominations was being undertaken in the spirit of the Cathedral’s ministry of reconciliation supported by members of the Cathedral congregation.

That cross was held originally in the SHARE house at Cisnadioara. In 2006 the cross was re-dedicated and presented to the Ecumenical Institute that is affiliated to the University of Sibiu. Today it is cared for by the prayer group Ora et Labora (Work and Prayer) that was established by Erika Klemm and the cross of nails stands on the altar of St John’s Chapel which is close by the Institute.

There are more than 200 organisations across the world that belong to the Community of the Cross of Nails (CCN), and in July 2017 for the first time the East European members of the CCN held their conference in Sibiu. At the invitation of the current Lutheran Bishop Guib they met in the Diocesan Building on the Great Square, Sibiu. Members came from different parts of Poland, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, the
United Kingdom and Romania.

The conference also found time to celebrate the many years that Ora et Labora has been responsible for the cross of nails. SHARE was represented by Martin and Jane Williams and the Revs Geoff and Gill Kimber, who all gave presentations about the work carried out in our name. You may recall that the Kimbers were sponsored by Church Mission (formerly CMS) and for 5 years they worked closely and taught with the church groups around Sibiu, and later in Alba Iulia. Rev Canon Sarah Hills represented Coventry Cathedral.

(left to right) Erika Klemm, Bishop Reinhard Guib, Rev Canon Sarah Hills.

The celebrations were attended by Bishop Guib and also by the previous bishop, Bishop Christopher Klein, who with the late Bishop Colin Bennetts from Coventry and the Sibiu Metropolitan Bishop was present in 2006 when the cross was re-dedicated. Both bishops addressed the gathering and included words of praise and encouragement for the
work carried out by SHARE.

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