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Share is a UK charity that has been providing funding, projects and support to Romanian people for the past 27 years. It was set up by Steve and Mandy Hughes as a charity in 1991 – then called the Hawksley Christian Romania Trust.

In 1994 a Romanian charity was established called the Assoctia Cristian Hawksley later changed to ASCENSIUM and was funded by donations through SHARE. The Romanian charity was run by a small number of Romanians who were doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers and support workers. ASCENSIUM was one of the top NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) in Romania.

In 2009 in the light of the changes in Romania follow the country’s entry into the European Union, the focus for our work changed. Ascensium the Romanian charity was wound down and SHARE began supporting a range of projects in the poorest areas in Romania and continued to make differences to the lives of hundreds of people.