Bianca Project 2017- volunteer blog

The therapy volunteers of 2017 have written a brilliant blog of their summer working within the centre.


Read below their blog of the summer, the rest are available at

A special thanks to Jo, Nicky, Chloe and Emma for sharing your experiences!



Today was our last day with the children from the centre. We all made sure today was full of smiles and cuddles for the children and made sure we had all their favourite toys out to play with.

For lunch, we treated the kids and carers to pizza, custard pots and chocolate biscuits. My house loved the treats and there were lots of smiles and excited noises around the table! I imagine there’ll be some full stomachs at the centre this afternoon!

Saying goodbye was hard but as we walked around each of the houses to see the children there was a calm, happy atmposhere and the carers seemed sad to see us go, giving us lots of hugs and thank you’s. This is something I wouldn’t have expected walking into the centre a month ago and I feel so pleased we’ve managed to build a brilliant rapport with the carers, gaining their trust to look after the children. We will miss the kids lots but we have lots of amazing memories of them all to think back on.

A memory I’ll treasure from today is saying goodbye to a boy in my house when he was getting into bed for his afternoon nap. I walked in to say goodbye and he pulled me over to sit next to him on the bed. He pushed me over so I was lying down and then covered me in the duvet and started to take my shoes off… I wish I could have stayed for a sleepover!

Thank you so much to Jane and Martin for making the Bianca Project happen and for all the hard work they do for keeping it going. And also a big thank you to the supervisors we’ve had over the past four weeks – Sarah, Lawrence, Lindsay and Sam!

Multumesc and La Revedere Romania…. see you in 2018!